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From time to time terms that are too good to pass up, but may be new to some people, find their way into these pages. I have attempted to guess what those words might be, and to provide some sense of what they mean below.

date format - the format for dates - 27.ix.03 - is adapted from the poet Gary Synder. As in Europe and the rest of the world, the day of the month comes first, the Roman numerals represent the month, in this case September, and the date is given in the last two numbrs of the year.

warbler neck - a problem that afflicts bird watchers who look up into the tops of trees for too long, usually trying to see small birds like warblers. Warblers resist any but the most dedicated attempts to see them, and pick the most obscure parts of trees to forage. Warblers are a literal pain in the neck to identify.