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Journals serve all kinds of purposes. From merely noting the events of the day, to an intense internal dialogue about what we have done and why. Some journals focus on internal events, some on external. This journal is mostly about the events that happen in Lochwood Park. Usually it will not be unique: quite the opposite. Often the point of these pages will be to remind each of us what normal, but breathtakingly beautiful, things are happening each day right beside us. By clicking on any of the months above, you will go to a page that covers whatever I have recorded happening during that month, sometimes over a number of years. I will eventually add events going back over the last fifteen years, but for now it is mostly events from 2001 and 2002.

The entries are chronological by day of the month, so that events of January 1st, 2002, will be followed by events of January 1st, 2001, if I recorded any. Then 2 January, for whatever years I have observations, and so on. In this way, you can see what happens around the same dates each year, and gain a sense of what is seasonally "normal."

John Burroughs, who had much to do with the origins of the American desire to protect its parks, had some rather helpful words about how writing makes us really think about what we have seen. It is the act of putting something into words that makes us really experience it. At least, this is true for many of us. For me, it is taking and then looking at a picture that also brings about this same re-experiencing at a deeper level.

Here is a link to a long quotation from John Burroughs about why he writes.