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The pages on animals are in their infancy at the moment, and consist mostly of these links to pages of pictures of various categories of animals. Eventually my goal is to create pages about most of the phyla you are likely to encounter, and then to cover more common classes, orders, genera, and species you might see in Lochwood Park.
Taxonomists, those brave scientists who attempt to parcel out names and groupings to the immense diversity of living things we have discovered, speak of animal phyla. A phylum is the largest division of organisms within a kingdom. In the most recent research, there are usually considered to be five kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and those wonderful protoctista (algae, protozoa, slime molds and "other less-known aquatic and parasitic organisms." Indeed.)
The best recent research puts the number of phyla at about 37 for animals. Many of these live in or under water, and most of us know very few of them. Only four of those 37 phyla are animals that live primarily on land.
How many phyla can you name?
Birds (Cranita)

Insects (Mandibulata)
Mammals (Craniata, also known as Chordata)
Moths and Butterflies (Mandibulata)
Reptiles and Amphibians (Cranita)
Snails (Mollusca)
Sow bugs (Crustacea)
Spiders (Chelicerata)