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Lochwood Park is located in Precinct 2216, and you can find out more information about it here.

Dixon Homeowners Association

The Dixon Branch Homeowners Association (DBHA) offers a great way to become involved in our community, and I encourage each of you who live in this area to both join and be active in what the Association is doing. Their web page is part of the Neighborhoodlink program:

Here is a link to the various committees and who to contact:

It is hard to find anything about actually joining the DBHA, but yearly membership is $40, and you can send your membership dues to:

11255 Garland Road, Suite 1302-PMB 111
Dallas TX 75218

This is well worth your money, and helps the Association do an amazing number of different projects in the neighborhood, and creates a way for many of us to meet one another.

Some Thoughts on Community

"A community: A geographic or residency-based subdivision of a society in which members reside in close proximity to one another; are highly interdependent; interact frequently, in many relationships and over extended time; and are aware of their mutual interaction and interdependence (e.g., a small town, a neighborhood)." Quoted from Vol. 16, 960e of the Encyclopedia Britannica from an article on "Social Groups" by J.E. McG, 15th edition, 1977.

This quotation, now gone from the Encyclopedia Britannica, is both an historic recollection of what a community once was, and a goal towards which I would hope our community might aspire.

One of the goals of this site is to encourage the Lochwood/Dixon Branch community not only to see the value of the park that lies in the middle of our neighborhood, but because we do live “in close proximity to each other” to see that we are “highly interdependent” on one another and therefore to “interact frequently, in many relationships and over extended time.”