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Where is Lochwood Park? North America. Texas. Dallas. Northeast Dallas. West of Jupiter Road. South of Northwest Highway. Between Lippitt and Fernald, and Lochwood and Lanewood. The coordinates follow. But these are only the superficial, human-imposed referents. There are also more natural coordinates.

Lochwood Park is in the northern half of the Western Hemisphere. In the temperate zone. At the southern end of the blackland prairie. In the Trinity River watershed. Along a stream that flows into the Dixon Branch of White Rock Creek. An area filled with introduced plants, but many natural animals.

In the terminology of cartographers, Lochwood Park can be located in three different coordinate systems:

In degrees, minutes, and seconds: 32° 51' 17" N 96° 41' 28" W
In Universal Transverse Mercator:

14 716056 E

In decimal degrees: 32.8548° N

96.6912° W

But if you really want to see Lochwood Park, e-mail me and let me show you the park in person.

These are maps showing first Texas, then the Dallas area, then the major streets in the Lochwood Park area, and finally the streets that immediately surround the park. There are also links from each of these maps to satellite photos that cover exactly the same area.

At this site you can find a scan of the USGS topograpic map of the Lochwood Park area in the 7.5 minute series. (Look for the red star at the center near Martha T Reilly school.) This is an excellant site to find topographic maps of any part of the United States.

And for the treetop view, the map below was created from photos available at the Dallas Central Appraisal District's wonderful site:

If you click on this map you can view a much larger version, about 500 k. On the larger version you can make out the elevation lines, and see that Lochwood Park goes from about 504 feet above sea level in several spots along the river up to 554 feet at the upper left corner of the park. The contour lines are at two foot intervals.