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This page is a series of links to different galleries of photographs. Almost all of these were shot in and around Lochwood Park. The few that were not indicate where the pictures were taken.

My hope is that these pictures will encourage you to go out and look at our neighborhood more closely, and appreciate all the beauty that is right outside your door.

The Galleries

21 February 2010 - after the record snowfall comes the record cleanup of all the trees that broke under the immense snow load from the snow. This is the record of just one crew, Crew 742, cleaning up one tree next to Lochwood Park. I was impressed by their team spirit, their good nature, and how well they did their job. These folks all help our neighborhood look as clean and cared for in a way that should make all of us proud of them. Cheers for the great work Crew 742 - to Joe, Nealy, Bernadette, and Marcos. And to their supervisor Arthur Bigam. I didn't know any of these folks before watching them work, but I went away impressed. If you agree, be sure to tell the City of Dallas.

12 February 2010 - after snow for two days, there has been a delightful and damaging snow accumulation all over Dallas. Many branches are down in the Lochwood area, and many people are without power. The pictures show the magnificent part, but also some of the wonderful neighborhood giants that have fallen, as well. The gallery actually has a few pictures from the 11th as well.


January 28 2009 more ice today from last nights freezing rain. Some images shot several ways, or the same idea in different settings, as examples of how a scene is effected by light.


First Ice of 2009 shows some pictures from around our area on the 5th of January 2009. Looks like the start of a cold year!

The Water Follies on the 4th of July are always a great time for kids to get wet, have fun, and for the community to come together for a few hours and just hang out. There were some wonderfully decorated bikes, wagons, and people! Thanks to all the folks like Gail Olds and John and Helen Stettler and many others who do the hard work to make this event so great each year.

Once a year the Dixon Branch Homeowners Association has a meeting for the whole neighborhood to get caught up on what has happened in the past year, and what is planned for the next year. For the second year in a row it was kindly hosted by the Dallas First Assembly of God church on Northwest Highway. Here are the pictures from that meeting.

Every year, neighborhood groups across America organize a Neighborhood Night Out for people to meet their neighbors, make newNeighborhood Night Out sign friends, and talk about how to make their neighborhood's even better. Lochwood Park did this on the 2nd of August, and here are some of the memories. And many thanks to John and Helen Stettler, and all the others who helped make the evening such a good one.

Every 4th of July the Dixon Branch has a parade and games for the neighborhood kids. Lots of work from wonderful volunteers, and lots of great parents who bring their kids and have a ball. Here are some pictures from the most recent one.
If you would like to order pictures from Shutterfly of the Water Follies, here is the link.

A small gallery of pictures from the picnic celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Lochwood area. Thanks to all the people who helped and and who brought food or drinks.



Just in time for Christmas, Lochwood Park got snow on 23 December 2004! It was a light snow, but a miracle of reflections and differences in colors all the same.


The City of Dallas gave us seven new trees to replace trees that had died. Great work by our Beautification director Skylar and much assistance by Bob and Judy. Thanks guys!

After many years of thinking and talking about it, the great folks of Sahara Way finally got together for a block party. You can see photographs from the 13 June event in this gallery.


Gail Olds, one of the many people who make this neighborhood so great, and who has given many, many hours to do a newsletter for our neighborhood, as well as many other unsung jobs, sent me a portfolio of pictures she took during the 14 February 2004 snow storm. Enjoy, and send her your thanks.





On 28 March 2004 the Texas Marathon came through Lochwood Park. For more about the Marathon you can check their page.


14 February 2004 snow storm and what the park and neighborhood looked like afterwards.

The Panoramas gallery began with pictures of spring coming to a corner of the park, and now picks up with watching fall come to the same corner.

National Night Out was August 5th, and besides neighbors meeting neighbors, it was also a great time for kids! And meeting our faithful police officers. Have a look.

On April 12th the Dixon Branch Homeowners Association sponsored a tree planting event to put in 32 trees on the median of Jupiter Road between Sinclair and Carissa, and in one other park strip. A wonderful group of volunteers showed up, and Phyllis, the Beautification chairperson, and Judy and her husband Bill, who live right along this area, put us all to work. Most of the hard work was done by Jay McMahon and his crew, from his company A&B Landscaping. It was more of a tree-rolling for most of us, as each tree had to be rolled from the truck to its hole. You can see the whole story here.

The photographer isn't half the man he used to be.

A new gallery of pictures of spring as it progresses in March of 2003 at the corner of Lippitt and Lanewood.

More daffodil pictures.

Lots of people regularly use Lochwood Park, but two of those stand head and shoulders above the rest. Jake, and his rider Jerry, have been riding in this area for years, and Jake's beautiful tack keeps alive the old cavalry tradition of Jerry's alma mater Texas A&M University.

Over the evening of the 24th of February, and into the 25th, Dallas had an amazing sleet storm that put a white comforter over all the landscape. You can see a series of pictures here.

On a day of national tragedy, when all seven of the Columbia astronauts were lost, these Dixon branch volunteers provided one bright spot. We had a daffodil and pansy planting to beautify the park stripes.

This was the first snow of 2003, on Sunday the 12th of January. These pictures came from two walks around the park in the afternoon.

Every year the Dixon Branch Homeowners Association sponsors a 4th of July parade. Here is 2002s big parade!

New trees being planted at Martha T Reilly on12 January 2002.

Panoramas of the Park follows the progress of spring in one corner of Lochwood Park in 2001.

Pictures from one sunrise over Lochwood Park on the 22nd of November 2001.
The point is to show how much the sky changes in a very few minutes. So get out
and watch a sunrise!

This is a personal view of Lochwood Park after the winter storm on New Years Eve 2000.

Remember the incredible fall colors of 2000? Here are a few pictures of what the Lochwood Park neighborhood looked like that Fall.

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