What Is This Site?
Lochwood Park is one scene from a much larger virtual play. This part of the site tells some of the story of a fairly average park in the city of Dallas, Texas. My hope is to excite you about what can be discovered in Lochwood Park, not only to interest you in the natural world that lies all around you, but also to encourage you to explore your own city park, or whatever natural areas may be close to you.

In this age of travel, many people trek great distances, just to see the wilderness. But more or less literally in our own backyards is a world most of us have never explored. It may not have grizzly bears or huge limestone cliffs, but it will have creatures of amazing complexity and beauty, and give you opportunities to investigate the interrelated wonder of life that could last a lifetime.

Perhaps you live in the midst of a mammoth metropolitan area: almost all of them have city parks. If you live in the suburbs, as I do, you have local parks, pocket parks, green belts, flood control easements. Maybe there are vacant lots, or fields right around you. If you live closer to the country the opportunities are even more dense, but probably just as unknown. We live in the midst of natural beauty, but miss it every day.

That is what this site is about. Seeing the beauty and complexity of the natural world around each of us, and caring to value it, both as a resource, and for what it is, a beautiful creation.

This site is one part of a much larger site called A Life in View. The rather grandiose purpose of this site is to try and convey as much as possible of one person’s view of real life into the virtual life of the web. And my desire is that, having seen some of the grandeur of the creation, you might grow interested in its Creator.

This is the first, small installment of a project that I expect and hope to take many years. It should change regularly, and my hope is to draw you into a dialogue, not only with these pages, but also the real world that lies all around us. I hope you’ll join me.

If you really want to know more than you need to about who I am you can go to First Persona.

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What is This Site?
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