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While this site doesn't change daily, it is being added to quite regularly. Here is a short history.
4 Feb 11 Once again, pictures and video of the snow and folks out playing!
12 Feb 10 Pictures of the snow from yesterday and today. What a day!
27 Jan 09

A Well-used park and our new park sign . New web gallery of First Ice of 2009

1 Jan 09 A new year, a new entry!
4 July 06 This years Water Follies was as colorful as ever!
23 Nov 05 Gallery of the Dixon Branch Homeowners Association annual meeting on 14 Nov
18 Nov 05 New aerial map of the park, with elevation lines. New links, a few new journal entries.
9 Aug 05 Neighborhood Night Out pictures
8 July 05 Pictures from 4th of July Water Follies party. You can also order pictures here.
24 May 05 Pictures from the 50th Anniversary Party for the Lochwood area
3 Jan 05 A new entry for the January journal page, and the intention to be more regular in additions this year.
23 Dec 04 A picture gallery of the snowfall on 23 December 2004
27 Sept 04 A link to pictures that Gail Olds contributed long ago of the snow storm of 14 February 2004
18 June 04 Pictures from the Sahara Way Block party on 13 June 2004
25 Apr 04 Changes in the Watch Spring Come in 2004.
28 Mar 04 Pictures of the Texas Marathon going past Lochwood Park, and the Watch Spring Come in 2004 gallery is now up.
23 Feb 04 New Gallery of the snow storm on 14 February 2004
13 Dec 03 Updates to Panoramas in the Web Gallery section, and an announcement.
27 Sept 03 New Essay section, new gallery of Fall at the Corner, new journal entries new section on the destruction bikes cause in the park.
11 Sept 03 Community page undated and new National Night Out 2003 gallery.
15 May 03 One last page added to the Spring 2003 panoramas of the forest at Lippitt and Lanewood.
14 May 03 Runoff election information, new page on Vandalism, and new journal entries.
19 Apr 03 More panoramas that show the spring leaves moving into the park, and several additions to the tree planting galleries.
13 Apr 03 New gallery of the tree-planting along Jupiter Road.
29 Mar 03 Link to PDF on bond issues, new daffodil pictures, new journal entries
21 Mar 03 New gallery of panorama pictures of spring coming to the park, and more voter information.
8 Mar 03 New picture gallery of one of Lochwood's finest horses. First persona section about the web servant. Listen to the call of a cardinal from the 25 February journal page.
25 Feb 03 Pictures of the park after last nights sleet, new links, and small corrections. New journal entry for today.
21 Feb 03 Links page added, and various errors corrected.
18 Feb 03 New material added for the Dallas elections on 3 May 2003
a number of small errors corrected, and changes made.
1 Feb 03 On a day of national tragedy, a bright spot
30 Jan 03 New Web Galleries added, and site cleaned up.
20 Jan 03 4th of July parade web gallery added.
12 Jan 03 First snow of 2003 web gallery added.
1 January 2003 Site up for the first time.