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Why Parks?

Why do we have parks? Why should you care? Who owns a city park, anyway? What do parks do?

Originally, parks were the private preserves of the rich, places to hunt and entertain. In Medieval England the nobility had parks that were open only to them, but most of England was wild and finding "nature" was not an issue. Now, parks are some of the few places where the city dweller can see some vestige of the natural world, but while open to all, they are used by few.

Parks are a break from a man-made environment

The trees and plants clean the air and produce oxygen

Parks provide a place to play, picnic, play basketball or whatever your park offers.

Parks offer wildlife a place to live. Your local park is home to lots of animals and plants.

A park can be a place to rest the spirit.

According to the Dallas City Parks and Recreation page:
The Dallas Park and Recreation Department maintains more than 21,000 park acres including 17 lakes with 4,400 surface acres of water at 17 park sites, 17,196 acres of greenbelt / park land, and 61.60 miles of jogging and bike trails at 24 locations."

Lochwood Park is one small part of all those acres, but represents the closest to a natural environment that many people in our neighborhood get, unless they travel somewhere else on vacation.

Lochwood Park has many more natural things living in it than most of us realize, and I hope as you wander through these pages, you will be both surprised and encouraged to go out and see for yourself what lives in your local park.

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