“Clean the Green” This Saturday!

Thanks to Cara LeigFellowship White Rock-1h Ingram and the Lochwood Neighborhood Association we are having a Saturday morning devoted to cleaning Lochwood Park and the park strips around it!

It is time once again to Clean Up Lochwood! If you would like to volunteer, then gear up this Saturday, September 14th, to get out & clean our Greenbelts + Creeks + Park. We have planned many neighborhood clean ups over the years to clear the trash and debris from our precious natural areas. (Thank you Helen Stettler, Sharon Stupp and many other faithful volunteers).
We are excited to announce the beginning of our neighborhood “Clean the Green” campaign to make this happen more frequently and involve more people to help Lochwood stay clean throughout the year. There are two ways YOU can participate: Meet at Lochwood Park this Saturday, 9/14 @ 9AM to get a map, gloves, trash bags/ recycle bags and grabbers.
You can choose an area or one will be assigned to you. We will have Coffee & Doughnuts available and should be done by 11AM. The other way to help keep Lochwood beautiful is to take the initiative on your own. Take a bag with you when you walk and make it a point to take an extra few steps to pick up trash when you see it all year long. Make it a special family mission to seek an area that needs to be cleaned up and get after it.
We will place Clean the Green signs out to remind everyone that this is a responsibility that we all should embrace to keep our neighborhood areas clean as well as waterway down stream all the way to White Rock Lake. If you would like to become a Clean the Green leader, please let us know! A special shout out to Thomas Buck who designed our Clean the Green Logo as well Travis Hopper who also helped with idea & concept design. Thrilled to know these talented people are willing to help an idea become a reality! A big CHEERS to them too!
Cara Leigh Ingram, Head of Beautification
Lochwood Neighborhood Association

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