Gray fox courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Gray fox courtesy Wikimedia Commons

I just saw foxes in Lochwood Park for the first time today. This evening really. We were sitting outside when suddenly, just as dusk was turning to dark, a small shape appeared on the sidewalk near Lippitt and Lanewood. Within moments, as it walked, I realized it was my first fox! And then another one started to join it, got to the middle of the street, and then turned back and re-entered the park. And very quickly, the first little fox followed suite and they were gone.

I do not know whether they were red or gray foxes, as both occur in Dallas. Red foxes have a white tip to their tails. There is a short paper about both of them here.

This adds yet another mammal to a growing list for Lochwood Park. Bats, beaver, bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, squirrel, and surely rats, mice, voles, probably skunks and perhaps some other rodents. Quite amazing for a small city park.

Sadly, I read several months ago of someone shooting several foxes not that far from here. What an act of wanton destruction.

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