So, what do you do when you come to a beaver in the road? Well, in this case, herd it.

On Fernald Drive earlier this week, we came upon this site, being patiently watched over by our ENP officer, who wasn’t sure what to do. It had been there for about twenty minutes, and looked none too healthy.

I asked the officer if he had a stick. “Don’t touch it,” he said. “It might have rabies.” It was acting both unafraid and confused, so that was certainly a possibility. I talked to it for a bit and then looked for a large stick. The stick I  found is in the background of this image.

My beaver herding skills are pretty rusty, but with a little talking, nudging, and keeping him or her headed in roughly the right direction, we got to the edge of the pond in the background. There was something wrong with his/her right rear foot as if perhaps they had been hit or the foot injured. S/He was mostly dragging this foot.

But once we arrived at the water’s edge, s/he plunged in, and swam away as if in perfect condition, going up the creek. I can only hope and pray that the beaver is in good enough condition to survive, and does not cut down anyone’s precious tree for food. Stay tuned. And if you come to a beaver in the road, well, you herd what to do.

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