Warblers in Spring Feathers!

Yellow-rumped warbler in new breeding plumage

Yellow-rumped warblers may be our most common, year-round warbler, but when the spring birds come through they provide a shock of new color and new sounds. And today, near the park, I saw my first spring yellow-rumped warblers.

While we have yellow-rumped warblers here all year, the birds I was seeing in the cedar elms today may well be recent arrivals, and they look so very different than that rather drab warblers quietly ‘chip’-ing as they work through the forest during the winter.

These birds are singing a short, breezy song, and seem very intent on finding food on the leaves. The photo above is not a good one, but it does show the bright yellow, and sharp black plumage that they will wear through the breeding season. Below is another picture, also not that good, but taken today showing the clear white throat, and almost a horseshoe of black and white feathers below the throat.

This is a great time to be out and looking for whatever may be arriving in the way of spring migrants, or just enjoying the new leaves, and all the plants in bloom. It is such a resurgent time of year. Let’s be out and enjoy the creation!

Male yellow-rumped warbler


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