Phenology is the study of when things happen. In this case it is when natural events happen. It is a study that has been pursued for hundreds of years, and I will write an essay someday on my hero and mentor in this area, Gilbert White.

Dr. Frederick Gehlbach, who is Professor Emeritus of Biology and Environmental Studies at Baylor University, has written perhaps the only book generally on phenology in Texas, Messages from the Wild (2002). But he says “I know of only one other compilation [a rather obscure work by Leopold and Jones, published in Ecological Monographs 17(1947)] similar to this in North America, although such study is basic information.” [p.211] His book is well worth seeking out, as he tells the story of his little corner of nature near Waco for nearly thirty-five years, summarizing day by day through the year.

The form of these monthly pages is still in beta, but below are the months of the year, and on each page are observations for that month, beginning with the first of the month and going down the page to the end of the month. So for any date, regardless of the year, you can see what was recorded for that day. Within any date, the most recent year’s observation comes first.

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