Year Date Event
2000 6 First dark-eyed juncos I have seen this year. I may have heard some last week, but saw a small flock around 11am today.  
The weather is cool – 40s – and wet, following a light rain last night and this am.
This has been the most spectacular fall on record or at least in living memory. Leaves are still at least partially on most trees, with only a few fully bare ones. Leaves are starting to build up in deep piles.
1985 10 The Chinese tallow trees in the front kept all their leaves grees until last week – when a freeze shriveled them all up before they had a chance to turn colors.
1987 14 Should be quite cold tonight. At 6:00pm it was 39° degrees and now quite a blustery wind has come up a I suspect it will be in the 20s tonight.
1984 15 Almost all the leaves are off the trees by today.