Year Day Event
1989 4 Sleet all Friday night built up to 1-2 inches in our yard by Saturday morning. Temperatures stayed in the 20's all day. Saturday afternoon the snow started and continued through much of Sunday, mostly flurries. On Monday the roads were terrible.
1989 13 71 degrees at 11 pm! Last week at this time it was close to 20 degrees!
1989 14 New high at DFW airport — 92 degrees F at 4 pm.
1989 15 At 7 am DFW has 49 degrees F and winds of 18 mph. What a change! On the porch it is 52 degrees F, but feels much colder because of the wind. 43 degree difference overnight.
1990 27 Rain almost all day, preceded by several days of weather in the 40's and 50's. Quite cold for this time of year. Even the slowest cedar elm to leaf by the end of the driveway has put forth some evidence of spring, but the Chinese tallow by the front door seems dead-again. Perhaps because of the colder weather, there have been few flying insects as yet.
2003 28 On this day in 1858 Thoreau comments in his journal: ‘How fitly and exactly any season of the year may be described by indicating the condition of some flower!' That is one of my goals for Lochwood Park, to know what flowers are blooming, or putting out leaves, or berries, or changing at what time of year.

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