Year Day Event
2005 18 This whole month has been much warmer than normal, and the 18th of October tied a record for the the highest temperature, equaling both 2004 and 1921. If you would like to see the complete weather records for this area, you can find them here."
2016 20 Sitting in the driveway, after unseasonably warm days. It is cooler now, high 60s, but quite windy though the sky is clear and blue. It is amazing to watch the wind set in motion one treetop, and then another and then to feel the swirling agitation pass through the trees in the driveway. And then it is still. But one can almost feel the wind building up, even while it is almost still. Like something pent up which is suddenly sprung and again the trees sweep from side to side and leaves filter down, even though the trees are still green. The cedar elms in particular are now painted almost yellow-orange to green. The red oak at the corner of Lippitt and Lanewood is still verdant green, but it is usually the last of the neighborhood trees to lose all color and even then it will keep it leaves until into January.
12:23pm one turkey vulture circles south over the driveway. I am reading about vultures migrating south, but here is the evidence right over my head.
12:30pm another turkey vulture almost at treetop level and moving very rapidly.
2016 26 In the driveway this morning when suddenly a breeze starts a fall of leaves – almost a shower – of golden yellow, and gray-greenish leaves, especially from the cedar elms. This is the first time I have seen this and certainly marks this as Fall. Just now another breeze starts smaller leaf falls, and butterflies, especially Monarch butterflies, float by.
Many butterflies at Ferguson Unit on Sunday, especially on all the flowering bushes along the walkway out to contact visitation.
2:30 pm a swallowtail butterfly of some sort floating through the cedar elms in the driveway. Much more yellow with narrower black margins.
2016 27 5:27 pm a very, very late cicada called just once. I have not heard one for weeks, it seems like. More than three it looks like.

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