Year Day Event
2003 12 The morning after a day of intermittently heavy rain, it was overcast, and damp. There were few warblers in Lochwood Park, and the light was terrible to try and identify them. Several yellow warblers, and an orange-crowned warbler were the only ones I saw, and there were few other birds about at all.
2013 27 Green June beetles are still cruising around today, rather late in September for them, I thin. Also, a five-line skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) and a green anole (Anolis carolinensis) were on opposite tree trunks, an interesting combination of common reptiles for our area.
2003 27 Almost no birds moving in the park this morning, and so far few signs of the fall migration. This has been a topic on Texbirds the listserv that covers birding all over Texas. This is well worth becoming a subscriber to if you live anywhere in Texas or are interested in what birds people are seeing in Texas. Here is a longer essay on what happened in the park this morning."
2016 30 Cicada calls at 2:10 pm once. This is one of the last cicadas to call. We have had cold weather, and several days with rain. Several days ago I also heard two cicadas call, but again, only briefly, perhaps for less than ten minutes.
2013 30 First a red-shouldered hawk alighted in the top of a neighbor's tree. Then, as if by magic, a Cooper's hawk wheeled into sight, and landed about ten feet below the red-shouldered hawk. The red-shouldered scoped out the area, and then was off again. The Cooper's/sharp-shinned I did not see again. They are Cooper's because of voice, not heard every time, but heard often over the years.
2016 Late I saw 3-4 Eurasian collared doves fly over another house. Theses are the first I have seen this close to Lochwood Park.

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